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Name: Mellody Jones
Can you remove my info from page

Name: Mellody Jones
Location: Indiana
My name is Mellody Jones. I am a married mother of 6 beautiful children. I am currently residing in East Chicago, Indiana. I came into contact with your church via Email. I do not have phone service, nor a car so email is how I have been reaching out to get help for my family and I. I am currently under care with doctors through the Community Care Network via St. Catherines Hospital.
I went into labor July 24th and had an emergency C section that point blank went terribly wrong. I spent 12 days in the ICU at Memorial Herman in Houston Tx intially. I had severe infections, sepsis, surgical site infection. I had to get 4 blood transfusions which due to my holistic living I am against, and still trying to cope with even though it did save my life. My husband has been the rock and took over as mommy and daddy, this led to him losing the job in houston.
We did not have a strong support system in Texas so we felt it was best if we moved here where we have family via his side. They have provided tremedous emotional support and are a blessing.
unfortunately I have had to apply for disablity they discovered I have a congential heart defect ( I was born with one but it was resolved when I was 14 but has come back they do not know why) My blood pressure is also severe. I am on several blood pressure medicines and the care of a cardiologist with weekly visits. My c section incision is still open due to the emergency surgeries I have undergone. I go to wound clinic here in East Chicago weekly. I actually had to be hospitialized again for a week here in East Chicago due to another surgical site infection and blood infections, and my blood pressure being unmanigable. I am getting better and stronger and know that God never gives us more than we can bear.
My health problems will be ongoing on top of us raising our children and paying bills that goes with life itself. My disabilty has not been approved yet and my husband has not been able to start any type of work, but the goal is to just to get situated, ( we moved here September 1st) get our babies readjusted. The bills are manageable under normal circumstances but with the move and everything we have fell behind.
We are not asking for any type of cash hand out. We are needing help with Rent , clothing, school supplies a laptop (my children are homeschooled and due to health problems it is not plausible for me to go to public library everyday to use free computers, old laptop was stolen), a utility bill. Just any type of blessing will truly alleviate some the the financial hardship we are facing. and we are thankful for any help we recieve. I have contacted several Social Organizations to no avail.
Thank you for the prayer and taking time out of your day to look into my situation.

Name: Lisa Bateman
Location: Rensselaer
I was just wondering if u helped people that were struggling with bills. This month has been hard because Mike works a seasonal job and he doesn't work everyday. I'm working 2 jobs and I'm not making enough. We r behind on a few bills ad didn't know if you could pray for us. I work every weekend so I don't have time to go to church. Our cell phone bill is behind and probably going to get shut off. So just let me know by email what we should do. Mike doesn't know that I'm doing this so please don't say anything thanks